Tina Trolleys

Cleaning carts and trolleys make daily life easier when working with professional cleaning. Looking to upgrade your current solutions? Then assemble your own ergonomic trolley, specially created for you and your needs. Tina trolleys offer countless combination possibilities. You simply choose a base module, to which you can add a series of accessories and modules that can be adjusted to various heights. See, for example, our selection of Tina trolleys with drip systems, which are among the most sold from Tina Trolleys. You'll find them at NOWAS at the industry's best prices!



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Tina Cleaning Carts – For Those Who Want a Tailored Solution

No professional cleaning routine is complete without a cleaning trolley. But which one should you choose? It all depends on whether you want a functional and economical solution – or a high-quality cleaning trolley that can easily handle the daily rigors, year after year.

Tina trolleys offer a bit more than the standard cleaning carts which you might already be familiar with. The cleaning trolleys from Tina Trolleys aren't necessarily preassembled. Instead, you are presented with a multitude of combination possibilities. Simply purchase a base module and then attach the modules that best suit your needs. This way, you get a cleaning cart that perfectly suits your specific cleaning tasks – whether that be floor washing in larger areas, dusting in cramped areas, or something else!

Ergonomic Cleaning Trolleys from Tina Trolleys

Tina trolleys put the choice in your hands. It's up to you to decide how your cleaning trolley should be assembled. You can consider adding a model with a drip system if you want to make cleaning more environmentally friendly. This module is particularly popular among our customers – and for good reason! With the module, you can maintain the mop's moisture, which means you use less water and fewer cleaning agents throughout the day. Good for you and the environment.

At NOWAS, you'll find the following Tina trolleys among others:

  • Ergo Mega Drip
  • Ergo Slimline
  • and Clever Clean.

The cleaning trolleys from Tina Trolley prioritize ergonomics. The trolleys can be adjusted to 3-5 heights to perfectly fit each individual user. And if several colleagues are using the cleaning trolley, you can easily adjust the height again and again, without the use of any tools! This way, you avoid harmful working positions that can diminish job satisfaction, and you take better care of yourself or your employees.

Check Out the Selection of Tina Trolleys at NOWAS!

With Tina cleaning trolleys, you get a unique opportunity to put on your creator's hat and assemble your own unique cleaning trolley. A trolley that can be specifically tailored to your needs and no one else's. It's also both stable and easy to maneuver, as all Tina cleaning trolleys come with a minimum of 100 mm wheels. This makes the cleaning trolley an indispensable companion for the day's many cleaning tasks.

If you're unsure which cleaning trolleys you should buy for your workplace, we're here to help. With many years of experience in wholesale sales of cleaning articles to the entire Nordic region, we know which cleaning trolleys best suit individual cleaning tasks. Don’t hesitate in contacting us if you’re in need of help!

Note that you can buy more and save more on selected products in this category. Thus, you get modules at an exceptionally advantageous price with us.