Wetmop trolleys & Accessories

Dirty floors require a gentle touch. We're ready to equip you for the task. At NOWAS, you'll find wetmop trolleys and accessories that easily handle both floor mopping and smaller cleaning tasks. This type of cleaning trolley is exceptionally compact, making it easy to move from room to room. Browse our selection here, where you'll find wetmop trolleys equipped with all the accessories you'll need – including floor buckets, wetmop presses, mop wringers, handle holders, and wheels. Order your wetmop trolleys and accessories at the industry's best prices, and receive your goods within 1-3 days.



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Wetmop Trolleys and Accessories for Professional Floor Washing

You’ll give dirty floors a run for their money when you use high-quality cleaning supplies and wetmop trolleys at your workplace. And the work pays off. When all surfaces are clean, the company appears presentable and professional – to customers, employees, and other visitors alike. It's a satisfying feeling.

Are you in need of practical cleaning trolleys suitable for floor washing and smaller cleaning tasks? Wetmop trolleys and accessories might be just what you're looking for. There's no wasted space, as the cleaning trolleys only have room for the necessities in order for you to start the floor washing of the day. This ensures you an ergonomic solution since you're not lugging unnecessary equipment around on the cleaning trolleys.

Are you responsible for purchasing cleaning supplies for your workplace? Look no further – at NOWAS, we have everything you need. All in one place.

A Practical Cleaning Trolley for Your Cleaning Tasks

Wetmop trolleys and accessories could soon become your new faithful companion assisting you with daily cleaning tasks. This trolley is particularly suited for floor washing and smaller cleaning tasks that don't require a plethora of equipment and buckets. A little can indeed go a long way.

We’re the Nordic region's total supplier of cleaning articles for the industry. Thus, you'll also find a wide selection of practical wetmop trolleys with us. Have you seen that our trolleys are not just cleaning carts?

In our selection, you'll find wetmop trolleys containing accessories such as:

  • Floor buckets
  • Wetmop presses
  • Mop wringers
  • Handle holders
  • and wheels.

Do you prefer a wetmop trolleys with one or two floor buckets? The choice is yours. However, two buckets can be advantageous, as they allow you to separate clean and dirty soap water, which can be very beneficial.

Sharp Prices on Wetmop Trolleys and Accessories? You Get That at NOWAS!

Wetmop trolleys and accessories are an ideal solution for cleaning at the workplace. Cleaning companies and public institutions can also benefit from these compact cleaning trolleys. Just look at the selection above – we have the industry's sharpest prices!

Have you seen that you can buy more and save more on selected products? This also applies here on this page, where you'll find a wide selection of wetmop trolleys and accessories. Thus, there's a free opportunity to drive the unit price down even further.

Did you notice that we have more than 25,000 products in stock? We're happy to send some of them your way. You just need to wait 1-3 business days for delivery!