Sweeping machines

Make floors and outdoor areas inviting for both employees and customers by using professional sweepers. Sweepers are your helping hand if you desire a perfect sweeping result every time. At NOWAS, you'll find a wide selection of high-quality sweepers. An ideal solution for sweeping larger areas such as factory floors, shopping centers, and workshops, which quickly become dirty. Check out our range of sweepers, featuring products from Kärcher and Nilfisk among others. We deliver within 1-3 business days, so you can swiftly complete your cleaning tasks.



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Sweeping Machines for Professional Cleaning Tasks

What's wrong with a regular broom? Absolutely nothing. But if you need to sweep a larger area, you'll undoubtedly be grateful if the process could be made more efficient. Allow us to introduce you to our selection of sweeping machines, which elevate your cleaning routine to the next level.

Sweeping machines are your path to efficient cleaning of larger areas. This could be the factory floor, the workshop, the shopping center, or the many corridors of a school that need thorough cleaning. These surfaces are treaded by countless people daily, making them magnets for everything from dust to lost nuts and bolts.

Sweeping machines are the helping hand you're looking for. They deliver perfect sweeping results, making the business appear clean and professional every single day. And that's your (and the sweeping machine's) merit.

Replace the Broom with a Sweeping Machine for Larger Areas

Sweeping machines pack a bit more horsepower than a manual broom. In fact, selected sweeping machines sweep up to six times faster than the regular broom. Whether the task involves collecting dust, dirt, sand, nuts, or casually discarded cigarette butts. Therefore, sweeping machines are your guarantee for a thorough sweeping result, leaving the floor clean, neat, and inviting.

Did you know that sweeping machines come in various sizes? And that some sweeping machines can be used both indoors and outdoors? Use them indoors to clean larger areas – like the factory floor, which quickly gathers dust, screws, and other small parts – or give the outdoor areas in front of the office building some tender loving care. Let the sweeping machine do the work for you by removing all leaves and twigs from tiles and parking spaces.

At NOWAS, you'll find a wide selection of professional sweeping machines of the highest quality – including from Nilfisk and Kärcher. We've also assembled a range of accessories for sweeping machines, so your sweeping machine always performs its best!

A Wide Selection of Professional Sweeping Machines at NOWAS

Are you looking for sweeping machines that ease the cleaning work at your workplace? At NOWAS, you'll find professional cleaning machines at the market's best prices. Since 2007, we've been equipping businesses for tomorrow's cleaning routines. We'd like to help you on your way, so your cleaning tasks are carried out as professionally and efficiently as possible.

Have you seen our selection of professional sweeping machines? They’re quiet, easy to empty, and an obvious choice for cleaning large areas. And of course, they come with an adjustable handle, ensuring top-notch ergonomics.

Buy now, and we'll deliver within 1-3 business days! Or are you unsure which sweeping machine to choose? Contact us, and we'll help you find your way.