Window Cleaning Tools

Professional window cleaning requires technical savvy. But without the right window cleaning tools, achieving spotless results can be challenging. The goal is to have completely streak-free windows. At NOWAS, we're here to help you succeed in your window cleaning endeavors. We've compiled a wide range of professional window cleaning tools so you can wash windows efficiently and thoroughly. This is a must for your workplace and your clients, whether you're a window cleaner or part of a cleaning company. Check out our selection of high-quality glass scrapers, telescopic poles, and window cleaning soap. Find your commercial window cleaning tools at NOWAS – at the industry's most competitive prices!



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Window Cleaning Tools for Professional Window Cleaning

Spotless windows don't just happen. It takes a window cleaner with the right skills and knowledge of the perfect technique. Is that you or your colleague? Then you also know that professional window cleaning calls for high-quality window cleaning tools. This way, you can achieve the best results most easily. Whether it's at your own workplace or at your clients'.

You'll find a wide range of window cleaning tools at NOWAS. With many years of experience in wholesale cleaning products, we know exactly how to clean windows professionally and which window cleaning tools you need for the job.

What do you need to make your window cleaning even better? Whether you're missing window soap, new glass scrapers, or practical tool belts – you'll find it here on this page. Of course, at attractive and competitive prices.

Perform Tasks More Thoroughly and Efficiently

Do you work as a window cleaner, cleaning windows and large glass facades for a variety of customers? Or are you responsible for window cleaning at your workplace? Then make sure you have the right gear before you start cleaning and polishing various windows and glass partitions.

At NOWAS, you'll find all the window cleaning tools you could dream of. The products are ideal for use in the professional sector, where thorough and efficient window cleaning is desired.

We offer a wide selection within the following categories:

With the right window cleaning tools, you can say goodbye to pesky streaks on the window. We offer quality products from Ettore, Moerman, Facelift, Unger, Dirks, and Vikan.

Get Your Window Cleaning Tools Sorted with NOWAS!

At NOWAS, you'll find everything you need to carry out your cleaning tasks professionally. In fact, we've gathered more than 25,000 products to make your workday a little easier and more efficient as an employee – including practical window cleaning tools for professional window cleaning. We're happy to send these products to different industries, private companies and public institutions throughout the Nordics, as we have done since 2007.

Do you need glass scrapers in various sizes, so you can easily clean both large glass partitions and mullioned windows? Or are you missing a tool belt that can store glass scrapers, squeegees, and cloths? Add it all to the cart. Then we'll deliver your goods within 1-3 business days.