Complete Squeegees

Window cleaning requires more than just technical skill and the right touch. As a professional window cleaner, you need top-quality window cleaning equipment that leaves windows sparkling clean. At NOWAS, you'll find a wide selection of complete window squeegees that provide excellent and thorough results. And you won't even have to spend time selecting individual parts, because here you get both the handle and channel in a combined set. Our selection of complete window squeegees is available in various sizes – from popular brands like Unger, Wagtail, Ettore, and Moerman. Delivery within 1-3 business days



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Complete Window Squeegees for Professional Window Cleaners

Are you working as a window cleaner or in professional cleaning within a company? Then you know that sparkling clean windows don't just happen. They require technical skill, thoroughness, and the right window cleaning equipment capable of handling both small and large panes. If you provide the thoroughness, we supply complete window squeegees that leave windows neat and presentable.

As a window cleaner, you have a choice. Do you want to assemble your window squeegees on your own? Or are you looking for complete window squeegees that contain everything you need for the job? The choice is yours. At NOWAS, you'll find a wide selection of complete window squeegees ready to tackle dirty, greasy, and spotted windows – even when the dirt is particularly stubborn.

Get to Work Quickly

Are you in search of complete window squeegees from manufacturers who know their stuff? We've carefully selected products from reputable brands such as Unger, Wagtail, Ettore, and Moerman, available on our page. You'll also find complete window cleaning sets from our own production – including handles, strip holders, glass cloths, and window soap in the same package. Quick, easy, and straightforward!

A complete window squeegee set usually contains two products:

  • Handle
  • Channel.

A good window squeegee must be versatile before it earns a place in the hand of a professional window cleaner. We understand that. That's why we've chosen products that easily reach into all corners of the window, ensuring the best results. The ergonomics are also top-notch, as they should be, since you'll be holding the complete window squeegees for many hours each day.

Wide Selection of High-Quality Complete Window Squeegees

Are you looking for professional window cleaning equipment for business use? Look no further! At NOWAS, we've gathered all the products any window cleaner would appreciate in their daily work. This includes complete window squeegees that quickly remove water, soap, and dirt from both large and small panes. They're among our more than 25,000 products suitable for use in companies across a variety of industries.

Do you need to clean large glass panels? You should opt for wide window squeegees that can clean large areas in no time, saving both time and effort as you make windows shine again. Note that several of the squeegees can be mounted on a telescopic pole, adding further flexibility to your work.

Complete window squeegees at strong wholesale prices are exactly what you'll find here at NOWAS. Just browse the selection above. There's a good chance you'll find what you're looking for!