Baffled water tanks

Water tanks are a practical solution for storing liquids. But did you know that you can also get water tanks with compartmentalization? The internal dividers are an innovative addition to the water tank, as they disrupt the movement of the water. This means that the water moves as little as possible during transport, making the journey safer. At NOWAS, you'll find more than 25,000 products – including a wide selection of professional water tanks with compartmentalization in various sizes and types. Of course, all of the highest quality and at the most attractive prices in the industry. Delivery within 1-3 business days.



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Professional Baffled Water Tanks

You might have already noticed, but there are several types of water tanks on the market that are each suited for specific purposes. Some are small and designed for storing drinking water, while others are massive and ideal for use in pure water systems. But did you know that there are also baffled water tanks? It's an investment worth considering. They make transportation safer than you're used to.

Baffled water tanks are designed for the storage and transport of liquids such as water, oil, diesel, and various chemicals, just like regular water tanks. But that's where the similarities end. Sectionally divided water tanks are equipped with internal partitions that disrupt the movement of water. Therefore, you're on your way to a safe solution that ensures trouble-free transportation, so you're ready to head out to your next task – whether it involves window cleaning or damage control services.

Make Transportation Safer with Sectionally Divided Water Tanks

Sectionally divided water tanks might not sound revolutionary. However, the internal partitions are an innovative and crucial feature that minimizes water movement during transport. This provides greater safety while driving, as there's less risk of the water tank tipping over when you accelerate or turn at an intersection. Baffled water tanks are a practical choice for transporting water from point A to point B.

At NOWAS, you'll find maintenance-free baffled water tanks. The durable materials are lightweight, and the low weight and compact design ensure optimal space utilization. Even small vans have room for sectionally divided water tanks in their cargo area.

We offer several practical baffled water tanks, including:

  • Sectionally divided water tanks in various sizes
  • Vertical, sectionally divided water tanks
  • Flat, sectionally divided water tanks
  • And tower, sectionally divided water tanks.

A Wide Selection of Practical baffled water tanks at NOWAS!

Are you a professional in window cleaning, pressure washing, or cleaning? Then make sure you choose the right water tanks for your washing or pure water systems. Baffled water tanks could be the perfect solution for you, especially if you often need to transport water, for example, to client tasks, which requires a trip in the company vehicle.

We have years of experience in wholesale sales of cleaning products, so we’re well-equipped to guide you if you're unsure which baffled water tanks you should choose. You're always welcome to give us a call!