Dishcloths and towels are essential companions in any kitchen. Have you been tasked with purchasing new dishcloths and towels wholesale for your workplace? Then you have come to the right place. At NOWAS, you will find a wide selection of towels. Of course, only in the highest quality, ensuring good absorbency and a lint-free result. Take a look at our range of microfiber dishcloths, which can be used for both polishing and drying. Achieve the best cleaning results with NOWAS - you will find +25,000 products in our online store!



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Towels for professional cleaning tasks

Are you responsible for purchasing cleaning supplies for your workplace? Make sure to choose products that can withstand repeated use. And ones that leave all rooms sparkling clean. To the delight of both customers and employees.

What cleaning tasks are you facing? That determines which cleaning products you should fill your cleaning cart with before tackling stains, grease, and ingrained dirt. If it's the kitchen that needs cleaning, you'll need good towels. Be picky with your choices. Always choose ones that are highly absorbent and leave thorough, lint-free results.

At NOWAS, you'll only find high-quality cleaning supplies. Including practical towels that are essential for any professional business. They can be used for cleaning and wiping in all rooms – including polishing cars, dishes, and windows.

Achieve lint-free and thorough results

Why spend time wiping dishes if you are not satisfied with the results? Say no to damp and unpolished dishes. Instead, welcome high-quality towels that are always up for a challenge when it comes to polishing and wiping dishes and plates. No damp spots or stains are left behind. The result? A professional look that you can proudly show to both employees and customers.

Have you seen our microfiber dishcloths? This material is something special. Here, you can achieve great results without leaving fibers on the glass. Microfiber cloths also have high absorbency and effective dirt removal – and they can be used both dry and damp. Use the dishcloth to polish glass, windows, or other clear surfaces that could use a gentle touch.

Don't forget the classic chef's dishcloths, which are an important part of any kitchen drawer. The strong quality provides a product with high absorbency that can easily handle both wiping and polishing glass and dishes.

NOWAS only sells high-quality towels

Welcome to NOWAS! We have more than 25,000 products in stock! Including a wide selection of cloths, sponges and floor pads. Do you need some for cleaning at your workplace? Don't hesitate to add the items to your cart. We'll pack it nicely for you and deliver it within 1-3 business days. Enjoy!

Choose from the following dishcloths and towels for the kitchen, cafeteria, or cleaning cart:

  • Microfiber dishcloths
  • Professional chef's dishcloths