Applicator T-bars

Achieving stunning results can be a challenge without the right window cleaning equipment at your fingertips. At NOWAS, you'll discover an extensive selection of everything you need for professional window cleaning. Are you in need of strip holders for washing windows and glass partitions? We've stocked up on high-quality strip holders, including brands like Unger, Ettore, and Moerman. And the prices? We've slashed them to the ground, so you can enjoy the benefits of sturdy, ergonomic, and durable strip holders without having to dig too deep into your pockets. Pick the strip holders you're missing – we'll deliver them within 1-3 business days!



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T-Bar Window Washers for Cleaning Windows and Glass Panels

Beautiful, clean windows don't just happen by themselves. It requires technical skill, patience, and the right workflow. And don't forget to review and upgrade your window cleaning equipment as needed, so you always have high-quality tools at your fingertips.

Do you use applicator T-bar window washers when performing your professional window cleaning work? They’re an ideal cleaning tool for soaping up windows, preparing them to be cleaned and polished with a squeegee and a cloth for the edges. Simply put a freshly washed sleeve on your T-bar and then you're ready to soap the window and tackle that stubborn dirt head-on. The result? Clear and presentable windows and glass panels, ready to make a great first impression on customers, employees, and other visitors.

Perform Window Cleaning as Professionally as Possible

As a professional window cleaner, you can't cut corners. You need to scour the market for window cleaning equipment that meets your standards. Products that can withstand daily use – and that work as they should.

T-bar window washers are an indispensable part of any window cleaning task. They enable efficient window cleaning, as windows and glass panels are soaped up in no time. They just need a pass with a window scraper and a cloth afterward – and the surfaces are cleaner than ever before.

Let us welcome you to our selection of T-bar window washers for professional window cleaning. We offer a variety of ergonomic products that are lightweight. Have you also noticed that selected T-bar window washers can be attached to an extension pole? This gives you the ability to wash all windows no matter how high up they’re.

Wide Selection of T-Bar Window Washers for Efficient Window Cleaning

Are you looking for the best tools for window cleaning? Then look no further. At NOWAS, you'll find a multitude of T-bars and window washers in various sizes. This ensures you're well-equipped for cleaning both small and large windows. We have plenty of competitive prices, and it's entirely up to you whether you want the most budget-friendly product, or if you're looking for T-bar window washers of the highest quality. The choice is yours!

Want to make sure your chosen T-bar window washers and sleeves match? It's a good idea to choose products from the same brand, as they’re often designed to be used together.

We offer the following products from brands like Unger, Ettore, and Moerman:

  • Premium T-bar window washers
  • And swivel T-bar window washers.

Delivery within 1-3 business days!