Ball valves

Are you looking for high-quality accessories for your water tanks? NOWAS has exactly what you need. Take a look at our selection of ball valves and valves, suitable for plastic and water tanks for any purpose. For instance, we offer a wide range of drain taps, which are compatible with water, chemicals, solvents, and oil. Of course, they’re made from durable materials like chrome-plated brass and stainless steel. Add your desired ball valves and valves to your cart. We promise to deliver as quickly as possible – within 1-3 business days.



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Ball Valves and Valves for Water Tanks

We're proud to be Denmark's largest distributor of water tanks! Water tanks are an indispensable acquisition in various industries, as they’re ideal for transporting and storing everything from water to diesel, oil, and chemicals. This includes small quantities of 4 liters up to massive amounts of 13,000 liters. Are you in need of accessories for water tanks – for example, ball valves and regular valves?

This might be the case if you work in one or more of the following areas:

  • Window washing
  • Pressure washing
  • Cleaning
  • And damage control services.

At NOWAS, you'll find a variety of ball valves and valves in different sizes, types, and materials. It's up to you to choose the ones you need. After that, it's our job to deliver the goods – and we do so with pleasure. You'll have the products in your hands within just 1-3 business days!

NOWAS always offers high-quality products

There's a good chance that you use your water tanks every single day, whether it’s for storing drinking water or transporting stronger liquids like diesel, oil, and chemicals. For this reason it's crucial that not only the water tank itself is made of the highest quality. The accessories must also be up to par and capable of daily use. That's why we've stocked up on ball valves and valves in sturdy materials like chrome-plated brass and stainless steel.

What do you need to make your water tank function as optimally as possible? It could be a stainless steel drain valve, suitable for use with water, chemicals, solvents, compressed air, oil, and gasoline. Ball valves are also handy to have around.

We have more than 25,000 products in stock. When it comes to ball valves and valves, we carry, among other products:

  • 3-way ball valves
  • Full bore ball valves
  • And drain valves with external thread.

Do you need help finding the right ball valves and valves?

Fast delivery, competitive prices, and high-quality products are standard for our customers, who are located all over the Nordics. This ensures you're not paying too much when you add products to your cart with us.

Are you unsure about exactly which ball valves and valves you should choose for your water tanks? Don't waste time buying the wrong products. Instead, call our competent customer service, who knows everything about various water tank accessories. Including ball valves and valves, available in several sizes. You're always welcome!