Hand Towel Rolls

Hand towel rolls are an obvious choice for places that are frequently visited by many different people. This can be in the workplace, school, hospital, or airport. Each product contains a large number of towel sheets per roll, significantly reducing the need for refills. At NOWAS, you will find a wide selection of hand towel rolls with sheets that score high in absorbency, softness, and practicality. The strong absorbency and one-sheet-at-a-time system ensure that the environment is not unnecessarily burdened. Check out our extensive range of hand towel rolls from renowned brands such as Tork, Katrin, and Kleenex. We always offer delivery within 1-3 business days.



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Hand towel rolls with high absorbency

Hygiene should always be top-notch. Especially when it comes to places where many people pass through every day - such as the workplace, school, hospital, restaurant, or airport. Here, you would not risk transferring bacteria from one set of hands to another. And that's what you avoid when choosing disposable drying solutions - such as towel rolls.

Are you looking for hand towel rolls for your workplace or a public space? At NOWAS, you will find towel rolls where the quality is top-notch. Specifically, this means high absorbency, so the hands are left dry and clean, as well as a soft material that feels nice to touch. Each product contains a large number of towels per roll, so you don't have to refill the dispenser very often.

NOWAS stands for cleaning products and wiping towels at the best price. Without compromising on quality. Just look at the selection above, which includes towel rolls from well-known brands such as Tork, Katrin, Kleenex, Kimberly-Clark, and Scott.

An environmentally friendly choice for the toilet or kitchen

Hand towel rolls have two tasks: to dry the hands and ensure good hygiene, so that bacteria are not transferred from one person to another. These tasks are performed perfectly by a towel roll. And if you also choose an electronic dispenser, you ensure that each user only touches the towel sheet(s) they need.

At NOWAS, you will find a wide range of professional cleaning products. But we have also taken the time to gather a solid selection of high-quality wiping paper. At the best prices on the market.

We offer, among others:

  • 1-ply towel rolls
  • 2-ply towel rolls
  • 3-ply towel rolls
  • Towel rolls in Premium Soft quality
  • Towel sheets on a roll for electronic dispensers.

One sheet at a time is the key to good hygiene. It is also the right way if you think about the environment. This way, you avoid the user taking 3-5 sheets when drying their hands. And the good absorbency means that only one sheet is needed to do the job.

Find towel sheets at a good price at NOWAS

NOWAS is the Nordic region's total supplier of professional cleaning products. Therefore, you will also find a wide range of wiping paper and related dispensers. And is there more you need while you're here? Our assortment is full of +25,000 products that are looking for a place in both small and large businesses.

Find the hand towel rolls you need at NOWAS - and we promise to deliver the goods within 1-3 business days!