Dispensers for wiping paper

Paper towels are used everywhere in a company countless times daily - in the kitchen and restaurant or in the bathroom and workshop. This requires high-quality dispensers that can store and distribute paper towels in no time. At NOWAS, you will find a wide selection of paper towel dispensers such as hand towel sheets, jumbo rolls, or napkins. We only carry dispensers with quality and functionality in mind - including renowned brands such as Tork, Katrin, and Lotus. Find the dispensers you need - and we will deliver them to you within 1-3 business days, regardless of whether your company is large or small.



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Dispensers for wiping paper - high quality and competitive prices 

Wiping paper can be found everywhere in the company. As kitchen rolls in the canteen, toilet paper in the bathroom, and large jumbo rolls in the workshop. It is an indispensable companion for employees throughout the workday when maintaining good hygiene.

Perhaps you have specific requirements for the thickness of your toilet paper. But have you considered whether your dispenser can handle the job well enough?

At NOWAS, you will find a wide range of dispensers for wiping paper. For the kitchen, restaurant, canteen, toilet, coffee bar, meeting room, or workshop. Wherever you need a helping hand from time to time when cleaning up stains and spills. And we do not compromise on quality. Because we know how important the user experience is when distributing wiping paper.

Dispensers for the company's many needs

When we say wiping paper, you may think of kitchen rolls or toilet paper. But it is much more than that. And each specific wiping paper requires its own dispenser. The purpose of the dispenser is, of course, to store the wiping paper. But the finest task of the dispenser is to distribute the paper quickly, easily, and efficiently. So you can quickly move on with your tasks.

Look forward to our wide range of dispensers for wiping paper, where we can offer, among other things:

Each dispenser has unique features. For example, the 'one sheet at a time' function, which provides exceptional hygiene. This way, you do not risk transferring bacteria to the next user. One sheet at a time also reduces the company's use of wiping paper, making it an exceptionally sustainable solution.

Find dispensers for wiping paper at NOWAS

NOWAS helps you maintain hygiene in your workplace. What kind of dispenser do you need? If you work in a large company, dispensers for jumbo rolls may be the right solution. And if you work in a workshop, a stand for workshop rolls is an indispensable purchase.

We only present you with products of the highest quality and at the most competitive prices. That is why we sell products from well-known brands such as Tork, Katrin, and Lotus, which year after year prove that they produce exceptional products. The functionality is top-notch, so you don't have to struggle with your wiping paper - whether in the bathroom, kitchen, or restaurant.

We offer dispensers for wiping paper in various materials, colors, and designs. Choose the ones that best suit your company, and you will receive them within 1-3 business days.