Hand care cleansing

Do you work in an industrial environment with tasks that leave your hands particularly dirty? Regular hand washing just isn't enough to get your hands clean and soft again. At NOWAS, you'll find a wide selection of high-quality hand care cleaners that gently remove grease, tar, paint, printing inks, and stubborn dirt from your hands. Our products are easy to use and leave your hands both clean and pleasantly scented. Therefore, our range of hand care cleaners is particularly suitable for employees in the construction or automotive industry, or in manufacturing companies, who often end up with very dirty hands. Check out our selection here – including brands like Tork, Super Plum, and Purell!



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Hand Care cleansing for Particularly Dirty Hands

If you spend most of your day at a computer, this category might not necessarily be for you. Hand care cleaner is not like regular hand soap. Instead, hand care cleaner is used for hands that are particularly dirty – for example, after a long workday in industrial environments, manufacturing companies, or the construction industry.

Hand care cleansing is your friend when your hands need to be cleaned after a job well done. The product gently cleanses the hands, removing oil, grease, paint, printing inks, and other dirt. The bad odor also disappears when you use a hand cleaner instead of regular hand washing with water and soap.

At NOWAS, we’ve assembled a wide selection of hand cleaners – which also suit dirty hands in the construction and automotive industries.

Make Hands Clean, Neat, and Fragrant Again

Hand care cleansing is a special type of hand soap, as it contains a range of grease-dissolving ingredients. Thus, hand care cleaner is an ideal solution for craftsmen, mechanics, and production workers, who often get very dirty hands during a workday. The products are, of course, gentle on the skin and easy to use, so you can achieve a neat result without having to scrub too hard on the skin.

At NOWAS, you'll find several types of hand cleaner – both mild and strong varieties. Do you have colleagues who get extremely dirty hands during the workday? Then try a hand cleaner with non-abrasive micro-polymer beads, which effectively remove oil, grime, and dirt. Also, check out our selection of hand cleaners, which fit perfectly in various dispensers. This makes the product easier to dose!

Find Hand Care Cleansing for Use in Industrial Environments at NOWAS

More than 25,000 products – that's exactly what you'll find here at NOWAS! We’re experts in professional cleaning articles, and we also look forward to welcoming you to our selection of practical hand cleaners for the industry.

We’ve filled the selection with:

  • Washing cream
  • Hand cleaning gel
  • Cleaning wipes
  • And hand cleaner for industry.

See, among others, the effective products from brands like Tork, Super Plum, Purell, and SC Johnson Professional. We’ve also stocked the store with products that are both swan and allergy-labeled, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions for the user.

Have you noticed that you can buy more and save more on selected products? Take advantage of the discount and make sure you have enough hand cleaner or other personal care products for your colleagues' hands in stock. We deliver within 1-3 business days!