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Forget the floor mop, bucket, and soapy water, and carry out your cleaning tasks in a more efficient way. At NOWAS, you'll find a wide range of compact floor cleaning machines that assist in cleaning the floor. Experience how the floor cleaning machine washes, sweeps, and dries in a single operation. The high performance results in a thorough floor cleaning that meets even the highest cleaning standards. The compact floor cleaning machines are thus an excellent investment for businesses with smaller areas – such as shops, cafes, and hotels. We offer compact floor cleaning machines from reputable brands like Nilfisk, Kärcher, and i-team, in both budget-friendly and premium versions.



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Compact Floor Cleaning Machines for Professional Cleaning

Floor washing is one of those tasks that often need to be done daily, whether you're working in professional cleaning at a shop or a restaurant. Are you accustomed to completing the task with a floor mop and bucket of soapy water? Then you can consider whether you should invest in a more efficient solution.

Compact floor cleaning machines are a true game-changer, speeding up the execution of your cleaning tasks. With such a machine, manual floor cleaning becomes a thing of the past. The floor cleaning machine washes, sweeps, and dries the floor in a single operation. It doesn't get any easier than that!

At NOWAS, you'll find a wide selection of compact floor cleaning machines at the industry's best prices. And we never compromise on quality. That's why we've stocked up on products from reputable manufacturers – including Nilfisk, Kärcher, Easy Clean, Ghibli, and i-team.

An Obvious Choice for Smaller Areas in the Business

Scrubber dryers aren't just relevant for use on larger areas. Smaller areas also deserve to be washed efficiently and thoroughly.

Here, compact floor cleaning machines are an excellent choice for several reasons. They’re:

  • Efficient, saving you valuable time during the workday.
  • Thorough. Impressive results are all they deliver.
  • Easy to use – for both you and your colleagues.
  • Quiet, so they can also be used during daytime hours.
  • and compact, hence they don't take up much space in the storage room.

We've carefully selected a range of compact floor cleaning machines that deliver top-class cleaning results. The machines also feature smart functions that you will undoubtedly appreciate – including battery monitoring systems and adjustable handles.

Find Compact Floor Cleaning Machines for Any Budget at NOWAS

Do you hate waiting for the floor to dry after a successful wash? The wait is over. The compact floor cleaning machines wash and dry in the same operation. In all directions.

At NOWAS, we aim to offer products suitable for businesses across a variety of industries. Thus, we've also made sure to select compact floor cleaning machines in various price ranges. This gives you the freedom to choose products that best suit your needs.

Looking for the highest quality compact floor cleaning machines? We carry machines from I-Team, Nilfisk, Kärcher, and many other reputable brands.

The choice is yours!