WFP Brushes for window cleaning

Do you already own a pure water system? Then make sure you also have the right accessories on hand, designed specifically for use with water-fed poles. Window washing brushes are an essential addition to your pure water system. Water-fed brushes can be used for cleaning various surfaces – including windows, facades, sills, frames, and corners. With window washing brushes, you're guaranteed excellent cleaning results that you can proudly present to your clients. At NOWAS, you'll find high-quality window washing brushes from reputable brands like Gardiner Pole Systems, Wagtail, and Unger! Delivery within 1-3 business days.



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Professional Brushes for Window Cleaning

A pure water system is an indispensable tool for many professional window cleaners and for good reason. The system distributes 100% pure water that leaves no unwanted substances, such as lime, on the window. This ensures a fantastic cleaning result, especially when you also purchase the right equipment.

Window cleaning brushes are an obvious addition to your pure water system. The water-fed brushes are perfect for cleaning windows, glass partitions, facades, frames, and corners that have seen better days. At NOWAS, you'll find a wide selection of brushes for window cleaning. We understand that there isn't one perfect brush for all water-fed poles, but if you know your needs, we definitely have a product that matches them. Just check out the selection from renowned quality brands like Gardiner Pole Systems, Tucker Pole Systems, Facelift, OVA8, and Unger!

Get Your Water-Fed Pole Accessories in Order

Water-fed poles perform even better when you have an effective brush attached to the end. A brush that removes the stubborn dirt making windows look unpresentable. You'll find several types of these here at NOWAS.

Which window cleaning brushes should you choose? It depends on whether you're dealing with lightly dirty windows or facades filled with stubborn dirt. Choose a soft brush that causes the least friction on the window if you're removing light dirt. On the other hand, a medium or hard brush should be your choice if you're dealing with ordinary or stubborn dirt that's hard to remove. The stiff brushes for window cleaning have a hard scrubbing effect, which is particularly well-suited for tough cleaning tasks on a variety of surfaces.

At NOWAS, you'll find window cleaning brushes in several sizes – and with various hardness levels. In addition, we've stocked up on various practical accessories for the brushes, so you can quickly achieve your window cleaning goals:

  • Window cleaning brushes
  • Brush nozzles
  • Hose kits
  • And bases.

Check out, for example, the SuperLite model from Gardiner Pole Systems, which is an excellent all-around brush made of good quality.

We've Stocked Up on Excellent WFP Brushes for Window Cleaning

Welcome to our wide selection of practical brushes for window cleaning! Are you completely sure which brushes and accessories to add to your cart? If not, we're here to help. With many years of experience in selling cleaning articles and window cleaning equipment, we also know a thing or two about pure water systems, water-fed poles, and brushes for window cleaning.