Microfiber Gloves

Microfiber is a special material that is both breathable and moisture-wicking, providing a comfortable feel against the skin. At NOWAS, we offer practical microfiber gloves that protect your hands from moisture. Looking to make cleaning easier? Check out our selection of practical microfiber glove mops, perfect for cleaning all types of hard surfaces. We have stocked up on comfortable microfiber gloves for your daily cleaning tasks, including brands like Showa, Vikan, and VERMOP. Rest assured, our products are of top quality and offered at the best prices in the industry. We provide delivery within 1-3 business days.



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Practical microfiber gloves for daily cleaning tasks

Are you ready to tackle the cleaning tasks that need to be done daily or weekly? Perhaps you need to dust off cabinets and shelves in the open office space. Or maybe the meeting rooms are in need of a makeover. Take on the fight against dirt, grime, and dust with practical microfiber gloves that are ideal for wiping and cleaning various hard surfaces.

Microfiber gloves come in several variations. Take a look at our selection of microfiber glove mops, which can be used for cleaning all types of hard surfaces. Some employees will undoubtedly prefer using a glove mop instead of a microfiber cloth, as shelves and surfaces can be wiped down in no time due to the size of the glove.

We also offer microfiber gloves in nitrile, which provide great comfort for the many cleaning tasks of the day.

Get rid of dust, dirt, and grime

Cleaning is hard work. Not only for your joints and shoulders, but also for your hands. Therefore, they need to be protected from water, heat, and other external factors. You can benefit from wearing a pair of comfortable microfiber gloves when you start your cleaning tasks for the day. This way, your hands won't be unnecessarily affected by the work.

Microfiber gloves have several advantages that make them an obvious choice for cleaning gloves:

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Better comfort
  • More breathability
  • Keep hands dry
  • More moisture permeability

The great comfort makes them a particularly good choice for cleaning tasks that need to be performed every day.

You can also combat stubborn dirt with our selection of smart microfiber gloves, also known as glove mops. We have gathered a selection of practical cleaning articles from brands such as Vikan, Showa, and VERMOP, all catering to the professional industry.

High-quality microfiber gloves at NOWAS

Cleaning and work gloves are produced in many different materials. But if you want breathability and lightweight, microfiber gloves are the obvious choice. We continuously expand our range, so it is always filled with top-quality cleaning articles and microfiber gloves. For all kinds of cleaning tasks.

Do you already know who we are? If not, give us 10 seconds to introduce ourselves. We are NOWAS. And we are among the country's leading companies in wholesale cleaning products for businesses throughout the Nordic region. We deliver cleaning articles and machines to small and large companies in a variety of industries. Including a wide selection of gloves for every need.

We promise you high quality, +25,000 items in our assortment, the industry's best prices - and delivery within 1-3 business days!