Hose reels and accessories

You've got a pure water system for window cleaning. But have you also acquired the right accessories that make the cleaning work easier and more efficient? You'll find them at NOWAS. We've scoured the market to bring you hose reels and accessories that are particularly suitable for use with water-fed telescopic poles and pure water systems. Electric hose reels are a perfect solution for quick winding and storage of water hoses – and they also save you effort. Check out our selection of hose reels and accessories from renowned brands like Parker Legris and Purewash, which only deliver high-quality products. Delivery within 1-3 business days!



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Hose Reels and Accessories for Pure Water Systems

A pure water system is an excellent investment if you're a professional window cleaner. Say goodbye to windows streaked with lime and other unwanted residues, even after thorough cleaning. However, your pure water system can't do the job alone. Make sure to purchase equipment and accessories that perfectly complement your pure water system.

We have many years of experience in wholesale sales of cleaning products across the Nordic region. That's why we're also experts in pure water systems and the accessories available for them. On this page, you'll find a wide selection of practical hose reels and accessories for water-carrying hoses. The freestanding hose reel is perfect for winding and storing water hoses, so you can quickly get started with your window cleaning tasks for the day.

Yes Please to Efficient Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning requires technical savvy. But it also requires having the right window cleaning equipment at hand to assist you in the cleaning work. Do you have a pure water system available? Then consider whether you're missing hose reels and accessories for it.

At NOWAS, you'll find everything you need when tackling dirty windows and glass partitions with 100% pure water, efficiently. This includes:

Our selection of hose reels is made of high quality. It's a given for us, as we know the product will be used daily and ensure that you achieve professional window cleaning. You choose whether you want hose reels in lightweight metal, which are easy to move – or if you dream of a larger model with an electric motor, which performs an easier distribution of the hose than you're used to.

A Wide Range of Hose Reels and Accessories at NOWAS

Are you looking for hose reels and accessories of the highest quality? Or do you prefer budget-friendly products that also get the job done without any issues? You'll find both types at NOWAS, including from renowned brands like Parker Legris and Purewash.

Our accessories range from hose collectors to water couplings. With us, you'll also find water hoses that perfectly fit pure water systems, as well as hose reels with electric motors that are also suitable for hot water.

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