Wiping Paper Centrefeed Roll

Are you in need of professional-grade wiping towels and looking for a user-friendly solution? Wiping paper centrefeed rolls can be operated with one hand, making the solution highly efficient and practical. Use the wiping paper for basic wiping tasks in various professional environments, such as the kitchen, fitness center, and warehouse. Wiping rolls with center pull are a cost-effective solution that can even be used on glass and other delicate areas. At NOWAS, we have gathered a wide selection of wiping paper centrefeed rolls at the industry's best prices, including well-known brands such as Katrin and Tork. Find the wiping paper you need, and we will send it to you quickly!



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Wiping paper centrefeed roll for professional use

Wiping paper centrefeed rolls are available in a variety of variants. Some are perfect for the bathroom, while others are ideal for use in kitchens. And that is precisely the case with wiping rolls with center pull, which should be an indispensable part of any well-established kitchen, canteen, or restaurant.

The unique design makes this type of wiping paper extremely user-friendly. The chef, waiter, or kitchen assistant can operate the dispenser with one hand. This means they do not need to have their hands free to supply themselves with wiping towels. This makes the work process extremely efficient. Your colleagues or employees will therefore thank you if you choose to supply the kitchen with wiping paper with centrefeed roll.

For the kitchen, canteen, or warehouse

Wiping paper with centrefeed rolls are perfect for basic wiping tasks. Perhaps your hands are greased with cucumber juice, or you simply need to dry your hands after washing them in the kitchen. Reach for the wiping roll, and you will quickly have the paper in your hands with the user-friendly center design.

Wiping paper with centrefeed roll are also ideal for spilled liquids in the kitchen, both on the table, floor, and wall. This all-round wiping paper can even be used for glass and other delicate areas, as it does not leave any traces after drying.

Are you looking for a budget-friendly wiping solution for the kitchen, canteen, or warehouse? Wiping paper with centrefeed roll is a cost-effective solution and is therefore particularly good for areas with high consumption.

At NOWAS, you will find wiping rolls with center pull with the following features:

  • 1-ply
  • 2-ply
  • Recycled paper
  • Virgin fiber
  • Eco-labeled.

Selected products in the range are also approved for contact with food.

Wiping paper with centrefeed roll at the industry's best prices

You will find wiping paper for professional use with us. At the industry's best prices, so you never have to pay too much. Are you looking for wiping paper with a centrefeed roll? We have wiping paper of the highest quality, where both absorbency and user-friendliness are top-notch. In addition, the products are eco-labeled - for example, with the EU Flower and the Swan label, which is your guarantee that the manufacturer complies with the strict environmental requirements in the field.

Remember to purchase a dispenser that fits. This will give the user the best experience when drying their hands.

At NOWAS, we have extensive experience in cleaning products - including wiping paper and various consumables for the professional environment. That is why you will find more than 25,000 products in our warehouse, ready to supply small and large companies throughout the Nordic region. You will have the items in your hands within 1-3 business days!