At mealtime, it's nice to have a napkin at hand. Are you responsible for purchasing napkins for the canteen, restaurant, or coffee shop? At NOWAS, you will find several types of napkins - both dinner napkins for the big meal and coffee napkins for afternoon coffee. Take a look at our selection of wet wipes and disinfectant wipes as well, which handle cleaning tasks in a snap. Our selection includes well-known brands such as Tork, Purell, and BulkySoft. Choose the napkins that best suit your workplace, and we will ensure delivery within 1-3 business days.



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High-quality napkins - for canteens and restaurants

There is not a napkin that fits all dining situations. A small afternoon snack with coffee calls for a coffee napkin, which is small, compact, and rectangular. The large dinner meal requires a larger napkin that can lay nicely on the plate or in a napkin holder in the middle of the table. In this situation, a dinner napkin is perfect.

What napkins are you missing for your business? Whether you work in a kitchen, a restaurant, or a modern coffee bar, we have the napkins you are looking for. Most of the napkins in our assortment are white, so they easily fit into any professional setting. The napkins are, of course, food-approved, so you can confidently place them on the table for your guests, customers, and colleagues.

At NOWAS, you will also find a wide selection of disinfection wipes and wet wipes, so you can quickly clean various surfaces that come into contact with food, such as kitchen cabinets, canteen tables, and chairs.

Softness and high absorbency

A beautiful table setting involves simple napkins, so the table looks appealing. Do you work in a restaurant or café? Then you know exactly what we are talking about. That is why we have filled our assortment with simple and nice napkins that contribute positively to any table setting.

Napkins come in countless sizes, varieties, and qualities. At NOWAS, you will find both budget-friendly and more luxurious napkins. The budget-friendly napkins meet the basic requirements, making them perfect for busy, larger dining establishments that have a high daily consumption of napkins. We also have more luxurious napkins where both appearance and quality are top-notch.

Check out our selection of napkins, where you will find:

  • 2-ply dinner napkins
  • 3-ply dinner napkins
  • Coffee napkins
  • Wet wipes
  • Disinfection wipes.

Furthermore, several products in the assortment carry the Swan label and Denmark's allergy label (The Blue Wreath).

Find a wide selection of napkins for businesses at NOWAS 

At NOWAS, you will find a wide selection of napkins - both the budget-friendly and luxurious ones. We are happy to deliver the napkins you need for your canteen, restaurant, or café. In the assortment, you will find well-known brands such as BulkySoft and Tork, who deliver the very best when it comes to wiping towels. Quality, absorbency, and softness is a big priority..

Do you already have napkin dispensers or holders that match your newly acquired napkins? If not, we have gathered a wide selection of dispensers that fit many types of napkins. Both for dinner, coffee, and cleaning tasks.

Add your items to the cart - and we will deliver within 1-3 business days!