Floor pads

Floor pads are practical tools for small and large cleaning tasks. Use them to scrub and clean thoroughly in the kitchen, bathroom, or store. Scouring nylon pads are excellent at absorbing and removing dirt. Just look at the practical Power Pad that removes both shoe marks and other dirt on the floor. Decide for yourself whether you want to use cleaning detergent for the cleaning tasks - scouring pads can easily be used dry or simply by adding water. Start with the main cleaning or the daily cleaning tasks with NOWAS. We offer competitive prices and fast delivery!



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Floor pads for stubborn stains

In a company, there are many surfaces that need to be cleaned - both daily, weekly, and monthly. Each surface needs to be treated in its own special way when removing stubborn and greasy stains. This way, you remove the dirt without damaging the surface - whether it is made of marble, plastic, or ceramic. Let all surfaces shine with the help of practical cleaning pads. And a little elbow grease.

Floor pads are good to have in the cleaning cart or cabinet. Here, dirt and stains have no chance when they are removed in no time. That is why we have gathered a wide selection of these cleaning supplies. And have you noticed that you often save more the more you put in the virtual shopping cart? Therefore, it makes sense to buy wholesale, as your price is lowered significantly.

Cleaning products for different surfaces 

You have the cleaning duty - but where should you clean today? Each surface requires special attention. Therefore, you should carefully consider which cleaning articles you use for each surface.

Floor pads come in countless sizes and types. This way, you have plenty to choose from for all kinds of cleaning tasks in various rooms. Use a fine scouring nylon pad if you need to remove dirt from smooth surfaces that need cleaning, polishing, and oiling. Choose a slightly coarser scouring nylon pad if you need to deep clean more durable materials that are filled with ingrained dirt.

Do you need to clean rough surfaces that need a thorough scrubbing? Then you need to get the extra coarse scouring nylon pads.

At NOWAS, you will find several types of cleaning pads. Just take a look at our selection of:

  • Scouring nylon in several qualities
  • Melamine pads
  • Power Pad pads

Would you like to make your cleaning routine more environmentally friendly? Then floor pads are a great solution. Most cleaning tasks can be done simply by using the products as they are. Add a little water if the stains are particularly stubborn.

Wide selection of cleaning and floor pads at NOWAS

Cleaning and floor pads are an obvious addition to the cleaning cart. Just take a look at our selection of cloths, sponges and practical floor pads that remove shoe marks and dirt from the floor. They are also suitable for spray polishing and light floor scrubbing.

Would you like to save money when buying floor pads? Then you have come to the right place! We actually lower the price a bit the more you buy (applies to selected products).

Delivery: 1-3 business days. Always.