Hotel trolleys

Give your guests the best experience. Let them check into a clean hotel room, where fresh bed linen is just waiting to be used. Hotel carts are the staff's shortcut to efficient room cleaning. The hotel cart is filled with fresh bed linen, soft towels, and bathroom essentials. After that, the staff can quickly prepare the rooms for the next group of guests. You will find a wide selection of top-quality hotel trolleys at NOWAS. Remember, you are always welcome to contact us if you are unsure which hotel trolley is best suited for your workplace.



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Hotel trolleys for practical room preparation

When guests open the door to the hotel room, it should smell clean and fresh. The bed should have freshly washed linens, and the bathrooms should have clean, soft towels. On the desk, the tea box should be filled with fragrant tea bags. This helps provide guests with a memorable experience they will rarely forget.

Does your staff have everything they need to deliver a sparkling clean hotel room? Hotel trolleys are just one of the tools that provide optimal working conditions for the cleaning staff. A hotel trolley can store clean and dirty linens, as well as other items for the rooms. This saves the staff valuable time on cleaning and preparation tasks.

You can find hotel trolleys of excellent quality here at NOWAS!

Hotel trolleys for linens and other practical items

Hotel trolleys are the cleaning staff's shortcut to quick room preparation. This way, they avoid having to transport items from rooms to the linen room unnecessarily many times. It frees up time that the staff can use for other important cleaning tasks.

The service cart is filled with everything necessary for every room - clean linens, tea bags, coffee powder, as well as small creams and shampoo bottles. Don't forget to fill the minibar with various thirst quenchers. There is room for everything on the practical hotel trolleys, which have multiple shelves, pockets, and holders for every need. After cleaning the room, the cleaning staff can place the dirty linens in the hotel trolley's practical bag holder. An easy, fast, and practical solution for everyday cleaning tasks.

At NOWAS, you will find a wide selection of hotel trolleys of the best quality. We offer hotel trolleys from quality brands such as GreenHotel, Rubbermaid, Tina, and Nordisk Mikrofiber.

Hotel trolleys have the following advantages:

  • High quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Available in multiple sizes

And they come in a range of attractive designs that fit in any professional hotel, motel, or inn.

Wide selection of attractive hotel trolleys at NOWAS

Are you looking for high-quality hotel trolleys at the industry's best prices? You will find them here at NOWAS! We deliver cleaning supplies and hotel trolleys to hotels and businesses throughout the Nordic region on a daily basis. Therefore, we know what a good hotel trolley should be able to do. And that there is no one hotel trolley that fits all hotels. You are always welcome to contact us if you need guidance in choosing your next hotel trolley.

25,000 products in stock. Fast delivery. Cleaning trolleys in high quality. That's what we serve to you. Are you ready to choose the hotel trolleys you need?