Applicator T-bars

Achieving sparkling, clean windows requires more than just technical skill. It also involves having high-quality window cleaning equipment on hand to ensure the results are as flawless as possible. At NOWAS, you'll find squeegees that are especially suited for use in the professional sector. Whether you're a professional window cleaner or simply in charge of window cleaning at your workplace, take a look at our selection of squeegees, strip holders, and strip covers from renowned brands like Ettore, Unger, and Moerman. Here, you'll get high quality at sharp and attractive prices. Feel free to explore our range!



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Window Applicator T-bars for Professional Window Soaping

As a window cleaner, it's crucial to pack your vehicle with the right equipment. You might already have your squeegees, microfiber cloths, and glass scrapers sorted. But have your window applicator t-bars seen better days? Perhaps it's time to order some new ones that shine in absorbency, function, and ergonomics.

At NOWAS, we understand that window cleaning is about strategy and technical prowess. But achieving sparkling clean windows is hard if your window cleaning equipment isn't up to par. The gear must be functional and durable, and the quality must be top-notch, so your equipment is always ready to assist you in your daily work.

Soaps Windows and Glass Partitions in No Time

You've got a handle on how to achieve windows that look neat and presentable completely without pesky streaks. That's why you also know that the task requires high-quality window applicator t-bars. But what does that actually entail?

Window washers consist of a strip holder and a strip cover. Both parts need to have something special before you can achieve a thorough cleaning of various glass surfaces.

A strip holder should have an ergonomic grip, so you can easily handle window cleaning of numerous surfaces every day. The strip holder should also be both safe and efficient to work with. You can find such strip holders right here at NOWAS – including brands like Unger and Ettore.

A professional strip cover needs to be durable and easy to wash. But the most important feature is its absorbency. Choose a strip cover made of microfiber or a woven material that holds water and soap well. This way, you can easily clean several windows using the same washer.

Looking for an applicator t-bar for professional window cleaning? You've come to the right place. We offer a wide selection of products such as:

  • Strip holders
  • Microfiber strip covers
  • And strip covers with scrubbing effect.

Find High-Quality Window Washers at NOWAS

Welcome to our selection of window washers for window soaping! We're pleased to present you with a plethora of applicator t-bars, strip holders, and strip covers that can easily tackle stubborn dirt on windows and glass partitions. Now, it's just up to you to choose which window washers will help you perform professional window cleaning.

We aim to offer you the most attractive prices for wholesale cleaning products. That's why you can also buy more and save more on selected products on this page. Find the applicator t-bar and window cleaning equipment you need – we deliver the goods within 1-3 business days!