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Floor cleaning is an important task in any business. Therefore, always make sure to make the job as easy as possible. At NOWAS, you will find a wide range of mop frames that fit telescopic handles from brands such as Vikan and ErgoLine. Choose whether you want a mop holder with Velcro or a snap. Regardless of your choice, we guarantee you a solid mop frame of high quality, ready to handle countless floor cleanings in your workplace. Buy cleaning products for efficient floor cleaning wholesale at NOWAS - we deliver quickly!



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When it comes to floor cleaning, you have two options. You can choose a complete mop set, where all the parts are included, so you can quickly get started with an efficient floor cleaning. Or you can buy the parts (such as a mop handle) separately. This allows you to tailor the solution that best suits you and your needs. It is worth considering if you want to maintain a high cleaning standard at your workplace.

At NOWAS, we know that floor mops are an important part of cleaning tasks in a company. That's why we have gathered all the parts you will need to create an optimal floor mop for your needs. Just take a look at our selection of mop handles - either with Velcro or snap-on. Attach them to the end of your chosen telescopic handle and get ready for today's cleaning tasks.

Thorough and efficient floor cleaning - yes, please!

Floor cleaning is a cleaning task that is worth prioritizing in any company. Do you need an upgrade of your equipment?

A mop frame is the head of your floor mop. This is where you attach your flat mop, which can clean the floor for stubborn stains. As you can imagine, there is no mop frame that fits well with all telescopic handles. That's why we have gathered a wide selection, so you have the opportunity to find the mop frame that best suits your needs.

Feel free to browse our selection of mop frame, which include:

But which mop frame should you choose? It depends on whether you prefer one with Velcro or snap-on. Also, consider which material you prefer. We offer mop handles made of sturdy plastic, composite, and aluminum.

Find your mop frame at NOWAS

Dirty floors are a no-go when your workplace needs to present itself at its best to both customers and employees. Therefore, always make sure to invest in high-quality cleaning equipment that can handle daily cleaning tasks. It could be mop frames or other cleaning tools that you need to combat everyday dirt.

Does the industry’s best prices sound appealing to you? We understand that! That's exactly what you get at NOWAS. We have lowered the prices on more than 25,000 items. Of course, without compromising on quality.

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