Pure Water Systems for window cleaning

With a pure water system, you're one step closer to top-notch window cleaning. A pure water system is the perfect choice if you desire sparkling windows without any traces of impurities. A complete pure water system produces, transports, and distributes 100% pure water that leaves no residue on the glass. This means you can avoid using large amounts of cleaning agents and chemicals when cleaning and polishing windows, glass partitions, facades, and signs. We’ve assembled an extensive range of pure water systems as well as various spare parts and accessories from renowned brands like Purewash. Please contact us if you're unsure which pure water system best suits your needs.



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Pure Water Systems for the Professional Window Cleaner

In Denmark, we believe we have clean tap water. However, there are several impurities hidden in the water that many might not consider – including lime, minerals, and rust. These elements are not visible to the naked eye but become glaringly obvious on windows after cleaning. This is the case even if you attempt to do the job as thoroughly as possible.

A pure water system contains 100% clean water without any unwanted substances. This makes the pure water system an extremely environmentally friendly solution, capable of thoroughly cleaning windows, glass partitions, and facades without the use of harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning agents. A pure water system is the ideal choice when you need to perform window cleaning in a professional and efficient manner.

At NOWAS, you'll find everything you need for professional window cleaning and polishing. Thus, we’ve compiled a wide selection of:

  • Pure water systems and washing plants
  • Trolleys and backpacks for pure water
  • Water pumps
  • And flow controllers.

The Path to 100% Pure Water Goes Through a Pure Water System

We love thorough window cleaning and polishing. That's why we've naturally assembled a wide range of pure water systems that can elevate your results to the next level. Only by using the purest water available.

At NOWAS, the choice is yours. Do you want a complete pure water system for producing ultra-pure water in your van? Or would you rather create a pure water system yourself using components, spare parts, and accessories? You’ll find both options here.

Our selection of pure water systems includes:

  • Sectioned water tanks
  • A water capacity of, for example, 450, 560, or 710 liters.
  • And high-tech water pumps with digital control.

In our range, you'll find pure water systems that are well-suited for the smaller window cleaning company as well as larger systems that can service a multitude of customers throughout a workday. You also have the option to expand the system if your needs evolve over time.

We're Here to Guide You!

A pure water system is an efficient and user-friendly solution that meets all the requirements you might have for modern window cleaning. Here, you always have access to pure water, which you can use for cleaning windows, glass partitions, signs, or facades. The choice is yours!

Unsure about which pure water system to choose? There are many options. We'll guide you through the jungle to find the solution that best fits your needs. Feel free to call or write to us. We offer competent guidance on choosing a pure water system!