Spray Bottles & sprayers

Spray bottles and sprayers are ideal tools for performing cleaning tasks in a professional and efficient manner, both indoors and outdoors. Fill the spray bottle with the desired cleaning solution, and you are ready to tackle today's tasks. We also have atomizer bottles in stock, which are perfect for watering plants and fertilizing outdoor flowers. Or are you considering investing in a pressure sprayer that can be used for weed and algae control? We offer spray bottles and pressure sprayers from brands such as Kärcher, Vikan, and KABI - just take a look here!



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Spray bottles and sprayers for everyday cleaning tasks

Do you often clean mirrors and windows at your workplace? Or do you work in a cleaning company where the day involves cleaning various surfaces? Then it's time to get your equipment in order. You've come to the right place. We are the leading supplier in the Nordic region for professional cleaning products, equipment, and machines. They make your cleaning tasks easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Do you need spray bottles and pressure sprayers? They are essential cleaning equipment to have on hand when tackling everyday dirt and grime. We have gathered a wide selection of simple spray bottles and professional pressure sprayers from brands such as Kärcher, Vikan, and KABI. So you don't have to waste unnecessary time searching for new cleaning equipment. You can find everything in one place - right here at NOWAS.

Can be used indoors and outdoors

Cleaning tasks exist both indoors and outdoors. Are you ready to get started? Make sure to have professional spray bottles and pressure sprayers on hand so that your tasks are not an unnecessarily hassle.

Let's start indoors. Fill a spray bottle with your preferred cleaning solution when polishing mirrors and glass surfaces. They evenly distribute the product, and with a little elbow grease, the surface is left sparkling clean. You can also fill the spray bottle with water and moisten the areas with stubborn dirt. This dissolves the dirt, making it easier to clean the surface.

The spray bottle can be refilled again and again, making it an exceptionally economical and sustainable choice.

Now onto outdoor cleaning and maintenance tasks. Weeds between the tiles, algae, and grass areas in need of some care. This is where the smart pressure sprayers come in hand. Here, you get an advanced multi-spraying device that can be used for weed spraying, treating roofs and facades - and much more.

At NOWAS, you will find several types of spray bottles and sprayers, including:

  • Electric pressure sprayers
  • Spray bottles (with pump or trigger)
  • Trigger heads
  • Atomizers.

Some are used manually, while others are electric.

Find your new spray bottles and sprayers at NOWAS 

Remove stubborn dirt and stubborn algae with a cleaning solution applied with spray bottles and sprayers. Feel free to fill your cabinet with several of them, so each bottle contains different types of cleaning solutions.

We have +25,000 products in stock, just waiting to be sent to businesses throughout the Nordic region. Shall we send professional cleaning articles and various dispensing equipment to your home? Fill your cart with what you need - we deliver within 1-3 business days!