Flat mops

Do you want to set the bar high when it comes to cleaning at your workplace? Then you're off to a good start if you choose high-quality flat mops. Floor cleaning is a big part of the workload when it comes to daily cleaning tasks. Therefore, take the time to choose the flat mops that best suit your floor mops and the areas in your company. Some flat mops can be used on all types of floors, while others are best suited for high-traffic areas such as stores and entrance areas. Find a wide selection of flat mops at NOWAS - including flat mops with pockets or Velcro straps!



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Flat mops for the professional sector

Floor cleaning is one of the most important cleaning tasks if you want to appear professional as a company. Stains on the floor are not a good look. Therefore, go into battle with dirt and dirty floors with the best weapons in hand - high-quality flat mops that can remove dirt in an instant.

Which flat mops do you need for large and small cleaning tasks? At NOWAS, you will find a wide selection. Because we know that flat mops come in different varieties and sizes - and that there is not a one size fits all option. However, our selection of flat mops has two things in common. Top-class quality and a competitive price that is affordable.

And have you noticed that you can buy more and save more on selected products? It gives a lower unit price - and thus money right back in your pocket!

Make sure to choose the right size 

You have probably noticed it. But there are a plethora of flat mops on the market. And there is a reason for that. Flat mops come in different qualities that are suitable for different cleaning tasks. Microfiber mops, for example, are suitable for areas with heavy use - such as canteens, shops, and entrance areas. Others are made of cotton and polyester, which are suitable for all types of floors.

At NOWAS, we have gathered a wide selection of practical flat mops for professional floor cleaning. Just look at our selection of flat mops in strong materials with high drying capacity:

Make sure to read the entire product description before adding the item to your cart. You need to check which floor surfaces the flat mop is best suited for. Also, make sure that the flat mop is the right size for your mop frames. This ensures that you don't end up disappointed when the products arrive at your doorstep and you're ready to start today's floor cleaning.

Flat mops for thorough cleaning

We are your partner when you want top-class cleaning. We do nothing but select, present, and send cleaning articles and machines to private companies, public institutions, and cleaning companies. In fact, we are among the country's leading wholesalers of cleaning products for businesses throughout the Nordic region.

Have you found the cleaning mops and flat mops you need? Then go ahead and add them to your cart. Give us 1-3 business days, and you will have the products in your hands!