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Do you want to optimize the cleaning at your company? At NOWAS, you will find a wide range of supplies that are ideal for cleaning in both small and large businesses. Therefore there is a good chance that we have the supplies you are looking for - whether it's floor mops, cloths, or sturdy cleaning carts. In fact, we have over 25,000 products in stock, ready to optimize your commercial cleaning. We look forward to presenting you with competitive prices, a wide range, and fast delivery within 1-3 business days.

Cleaning equipment - professional solutions for businesses

Neither elbow grease nor cleaning products get very far without the right supplies. If you want professional and thorough cleaning in your company, you need the right tools.

What supplies are missing from your cleaning routine? Maybe your stock needs to be replenished with new cloths and gloves - or perhaps you are looking for new safety equipment that improves the process and makes it safer for your cleaning staff.

At NOWAS, we are experts in cleaning articles. In fact, we take pride in being the Nordic region's total supplier of professional cleaning equipment - from well-known brands like Tina Trolleys, Nitril, and SaniFix. So, you have come to the right place if you are looking for high-quality commercial cleaning equipment that is also affordable. And we happily deliver to both small and large companies.

Thorough cleaning requires the right equipment

Cleaning is not just a simple task. It requires the right cleaning products, methods, elbow grease, and the best supplies. The supplies must be made of quality materials that can withstand repeated use. That's exactly what you will find with us. Because we know that cleaning is a daily chore that should not be made difficult by incorrect or poor equipment.

At NOWAS, you will find a wide selection of cleaning supplies, including:

We have over 25,000 products in stock. Therefore, there is a good chance that you will find the supplies you are looking for with us. But in fact, our complete range of cleaning articles is larger than what you will find on the webshop. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you have an inquiry about products that you are missing from our online range. Our competent customer service is ready to help.

Wide selection of cleaning supplies at NOWAS

At NOWAS, you will find cleaning products and equipment for professional businesses. We deliver to companies throughout the Nordic region - both large and small. And we have everything you need when you need to update your selection of cleaning supplies.

Do you just need extra cloths and some better buckets at a good price? Or do you want to take it a step further and invest in your cleaning routine - by purchasing durable cleaning carts, large floor mops, or allergy-friendly safety equipment?

You will find everything related to professional commercial cleaning at competitive prices with us. Add the products you need to the cart, and we will deliver to your company within 1-3 business days.