Poles & lances

Poles and lances are ideal for demanding high-pressure cleaning tasks at heights. This includes cleaning roofs, ceilings, and facades that require thorough cleaning to look neat and presentable again. At NOWAS, you'll find a wide selection of poles lances suited for cleaning tasks best tackled with high-pressure washing. We've also compiled a range of telescopic lance tubes for high-pressure washing, which can be conveniently adjusted in length as needed. You'll find all the accessories you need for high-pressure washing at NOWAS – we deliver within 1-3 business days!



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Poles and Lances for Thorough Cleaning at Heights

A high-pressure washer is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal, especially when you aim to carry out your cleaning tasks as efficiently and professionally as possible. At NOWAS, you'll find a wide selection of both poles and lances, which will quickly remove stubborn dirt and grime on surfaces that require thorough cleaning. This includes roofs, facades, or barns that need some tender loving care.

Do you have challenging cleaning tasks located at heights? Here, poles and lances for high-pressure washers are the ideal solution. Use them for roof cleaning, facade cleaning, or for applying algae treatment on the roof. We’ve selected a range of poles and lances of high quality, capable of being used countless times. Check out our products from brands like Nilfisk, Mosmatic, Purewash, and Comet!

For Cleaning Roofs, Facades, and Ceilings

It's not straightforward when cleaning tasks are out of easy reach. But roofs, facades, and ceilings also need cleaning, even though they’re high up. Therefore, you should ensure that you have the right cleaning tools at hand, so you’re well-prepared for the task.

Poles and lances are the perfect accessories for your high-pressure washer. The telescopic pole is compact when closed but can be extended and thus adjusted as needed. This not only allows you to reach dirty surfaces that are high up. It also provides an ergonomic experience, as you don't have to unnecessarily stretch your arms high up during the work.

Also, check out our selection of practical high-pressure lances. Some can clean with different water pressures without you having to go back and adjust the high-pressure washer itself. Instead, pressure regulation is located in the handle – easy, practical, and straightforward.

At NOWAS, you'll find a wide range of accessories for high-pressure washers, including practical poles and lances. Welcome to our selection of:

  • U-lance tubes
  • Roof brushes
  • Nozzle inserts
  • High-pressure lances
  • Telescopic poles
  • And lance tubes with bends.

Wide Selection of Poles and Lances at NOWAS

No cleaning task should be difficult. Therefore, you should always make sure to have your equipment in order, so you can quickly and effortlessly start on everything from floor washing to facade washing. Poles and lances are an ideal solution if you need to remove stubborn dirt from surfaces located high up – such as roofs, facades, and ceilings.

Find what you need at NOWAS. We have more than 25,000 products in stock – including various accessories for high-pressure cleaning. Fill your cart, and we'll deliver within 1-3 business days!